Carpet Cleaning


Encapsulation is a fairly recent carpet cleaning technique that is growing in popularity. The encapsulation process crystallizes particles in the carpet and creates a dry residue. We apply the cleaning agent whose compounds dissolve and absorb dirt and soil in carpet. Once the agent has absorbed the grime and has dried, it can be vacuumed immediately. This cuts down on drying time that most methods of carpet cleaning have. An encapsulated carpet can be used immediately after residue has been cleared. This deep cleaning method is also a much longer lasting method than others, and some have suggested that it even improves carpet appearance.

Self-Contained Extraction

Carpet cleaning by means of extraction is what most people believe to be steam carpet cleaning, but it is not. Extraction shoots very hot water into the carpet to dislodge dirt and other grime, and then vacuums up the excess. Sometimes the hot water will be a solution with amounts of cleaning chemicals in it to aid in dislodging and extracting dirt from carpet. Extraction will not remove all of the water used in the cleaning process, so there is a drying time of about two hours.

Bonnet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method uses a cleaning solution that is misted on the carpet. The solution loosens the dirt in the fibers of the carpet, allowing us to go over the carpet with a special floor buffer that has an absorbent pad on it. This method requires about an hour of drying time. Bonnet cleaning won’t get quite as deep as other methods of carpet cleaning, so it is best to have a more thorough cleaning perform occasionally in addition to bonnet cleaning.